What can I expect at the ENGEL e-symposium?

I haven't received an email to confirm my registration.

How can I participate in the ENGEL Symposium?

Is a registration necessary to access the content on the platform?

I have already registered for ENGEL live e-xperience 2020, do I still have to register again?

I have forgotten my password. What should I do next?

During which period can I access the platform?

In which languages is the e-symposium available?

Which browser is recommended?

What are the system requirements for my PC?

What is meant by one-on-one meetings?

Do I need a camera or special feature/app for the one-on-one meetings?

I always get an error message, who can I contact?

When registering I always get an error message, how should I proceed?

Can I explore all the content on the platform on my own?

I do not have the opportunity to participate in the ENGEL e-symposium. Are there possibilities to get information for the topics I am interested in?

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